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50,000.  That's a lot of zeros.  I'm participating in NaNoWirMo his year, so let the words begin.
In may I got a little travel notebook, I decided to fill it every page cover to cover.  It took a month but I did it, the result is 40 individual pictures and several faded pens and sharpies.  There are some pages that I am really proud of and others that are so so.  Mostly I wanted to practice covering the whole page and really working on the environment of a picture, and balancing everything out.
I have officially made crossover art.   I feel like I have pass some sort of weird fan initiation.  The weirdness that I crossed, My Little Pony Friendship is Magic and Captain Simian and the Space Monkeys.  My Little Pony and a web comic called Evil Empire.
Part of my job involves cake decorating, it's not something I get to do everyday and frankly after awhile its just work.  I don't decorate everyday and for awhile I was not decorating at all.  When they pulled me back into it I decided to get as much out of it as I can, so I have been taking pictures of a lot of the things I do.  If nothing else I'm creating a portfolio for myself and honestly I getting a lot of enjoyment out of sharing what I do.
My resolution for this year is to do at least one web comic update each week.  The total by the end of the year should be 52 comic pages.  Its not much for a years worth of work but I'm not trying to overwhelm myself.  So here to the new year.
I forgot how long it takes to finish a project takes.  I have been keeping track of each drawling and I'm at about 18 hours so far for this year.
Everything that I wanted to add from 2012 is up now.  Not the most productive year, I have more but nothing that I feel is necessary to put up.  That's that, now for 2013.